As mentioned earlier, we are big fans of gymkhana mastero, Ken Block, attacking tight turns and burning tyres like no other which has been a legend in YouTube. With his new car, the HFHV featured here a few weeks ago, there will be a forth gymkhana video, to be released on YouTube on August 16th 2011!

Ken Block is on FIRE in Gymkhana 4!!!

That means, come back by Wednesday and we will show you Block’s latest antics with his HFHV Ford Fiesta on Gymkhana Four. What will be the next tyre smoking stunt Block’s going to show us this time? We can’t wait to see that!

Here’s a teaser video for those who can’t wait for Gymkhana Four. Guys, mark your calenders and we will upload Gymkhana Four in Hanzo Autobuzz by Wednesday 17th August 2011!

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