Once the richest man in the world, Sultan of Brunei is said to be selling more than 20 pcs of his exotic supercars which he has hardly driven, or never. However, the postings on luxury used car seller JamesList does not mention their history or owner. And the car locations stated for all postings are all in New Zealand.

But aside from the Sultan of Brunei, we can’t think of anyone else who owns extremely rare and limited BMW Nazca V12s and Cizeta V16Ts both at one time. Both cars are listed as “Price on Request”. The most expensive listed with price is the 2004 Ferrari Enzo for $2 million.

It is sad to see how these cars are treated like, they never had a chance to show their true potential since they were born. However we are still unsure about this piece of news. If you have any info about this, do contact us. Check out some of the cars below. My personal favourite is the Jaguar XJ220. Which is your?

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