British comedic actor and true petrol head, Rowan Atkinson, or also more fondly known as Mr Bean, has just survived an horrific accident when his prized McLaren F1 supercar hit a tree and a signpost then caught fire. However he has only broken shoulder blade and has just discharged from the hospital on Friday evening, where he was wheel chaired and left in a private ambulance.


He was believed to return from work of his new upcoming spy parody flick, Johnny English Reborn when the accident happened. Amusingly, his agent Peter Bennett-Jones said: “He is shaken but not stirred. He will want the car repaired straight away.”

Atkinson bought the maroon McLaren F1 for £650,000 and has served him for a good 14 years and 37,000 mileage, which is a lot for a supercar. He damaged the front bonnet in 1999 and has loaned to Richard Hammond in a Top Gear segment where his McLaren F1 performed a drag race with the Bugatti Veyron in Dubai.

The McLaren F1 drag races the Veyron in Dubai, and lost

The car is now at McLaren’s factory at Woking and Atkinson wants the car to be repaired at all cost. So apart of a damaged ego and wallet (the latter is not necessary applicable), it is very painful to see your beloved car that served you well crashed in your hands. More pictures of the crash shown as below.

It must hurt real bad

Totaled! Will the McLaren boys be able to save this car?

The 56-year old actor was featured in Top Gear few weeks back in the ‘star in reasonably priced car’ segment. And he went straight to the top of the lap board with 1 minute 42.2 seconds around the Top Gear test track.

Watch Mr. Bean drives around the Top Gear track here!

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