Parallel parking is perhaps one of the trickiests and I have to admit I’m personally not good at it. Parallel parking is pretty much unavoidable in urban area and could be a nightmare when space is limited and with traffic congestions.

To solve this is simple, just spin the car and land in perfection, just like how this German chap Ronny Wechselberger, did. Wechselberger, also known as Ronny C Rock” has set set of Guinness World Records in April for landing the Volkswagen Polo in the tightest parallel parking with a gap measuring just 26 cm!

However, the record has just been beaten by Zheng Da Zong Yi of the Guinness World Records Special in China, as Zhang Hua squeezed a car into a space with only 24 cm gap, just 2 cm shorter than Ronny’s feat. The video on that will be released soon according to Guinness.

But for now, let’s watch how to park a Volkswagen Polo in style!

[SOURCE: Guinness World of Records]

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