For those staying in Kuala Lumpur or any urban areas must have been victims of irresponsible parking. A common sight is driving into a normal 2 lane road turned into a single lane, no thanks to cars parking illegally on the both sides. Apart from that, some roadsides are not meant to be parked illegally as it causes traffic congestion.

This has been a urban problem, which includes the city of Vilnius, Lithuania. It has been a problem where luxury cars parking in the city’s bicycle lane. Hence the city major, Arturas Zuokas, has acknowledged the problem and has found a new solution to solve illegal parking. That is to crush those illegal parked car by a Armored Personal Carrier(APC)!

Tank is the best solution!!!

“It seems the tank is the best solution” as quoted by Zuokas. What a cool ingenious way to solve the illegal parking problem. If that’s not all, the mayor did the cleaning of the roads himself and rode an electric scooter around the city! I must say he sets a brilliant example to all City Mayors around the world!

Watch this video for your amusement. I would say, let’s bring on the tanks!

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