It was back to back of weekend racing in F1 in Germany and Hungary. The tides have changed as Red Bull Racing’s domination has been threatened by the emergence of McLaren and Ferrari in both races. Lewis Hamilton won the German GP in Nurburgring while team mate, Jenson Button won the Hungarian GP. Both races, which are traditionally boring races in F1, turned to be quite dramatic, all thanks to the DRS, KERS and unpredictable weather. Most notably is at the point where McLaren and Ferrari can finally match with the dominion Red Bull.

Anyway, here’s our list of heroes and zeroes list for both the German and Hungarian GP!

Best “Carpool” ride: Mark Webber and Fernando Alonso. The moment German GP was over, Alonso has ran out of fuel hence stopping his Ferrari at the road side. Luckily, Webber being kind enough to give Alonso a ride back to the pit and celebrate their podium victory. The whole incident reminded many F1 fans 20 years back when Nigel Mansell and the great Aryton Senna shared the similar fate too like the picture below.

That was way back 20 years ago!

Watch this video below. I guess Hamilton won’t do that to Alonso.

Most uncommon scene in F1 2011: Not seeing Vettel on podium. Vettel has rather a weak race in his home race and this is his only race where he is out of the top 3, which looks odd as before the German GP he has been in podiums for all the races. Still, he has not retired or finished out of the points, yet.

Most dramatic moment: Heidfeld’s escape from exploding Renault! At lap 25 of the Hungarian GP, the moment after Heidfeld completed his pitstop, he has overheated his side pod causing fire to spread out from his car after exiting from the pitstop.

He managed to jumped out to safety and the fire marshals were putting the fire away when a small explosion occurred. The fire was managed to put down but it is a rare moment to see an modern F1 car in flames. Watch the video to see the drama unfolded.

Shit happens, again award: Nick Heidfeld. For causing his car to burn down and managed to escape for the second time. It happened earlier in Barcelona and just happen again in Budapest.

Its gonna BLOW! RUN!

Most disappointing driver: Lewis Hamilton in Hungarian GP. Poised to win this race after overtook Vettel on lap 5, however his tyre strategies went wrong and the changing weather did not help. In the end, finishing in fourth is the best he can do, although it’s disappointing.

Man of the Race- German GP: Lewis Hamilton. Strong comeback for Lewis Hamilton. Drive like how a champion should, he deserves this victory much although it didn’t make much difference on the driver’s championship.

Man of the Race – Hungarian GP: Jenson Button. Button should be known as the king of changeable weather. His perfect tyre strategy paid him off, and what even better that this is his 200th GP of his F1 career and ended with a win. What a great end to his 200th race.

Strong performance from McLaren, will they able to fight Red Bulls?

The Formula One will be taking a summer break and the next race will be held on the legendary Spa in Belgium by end of August, so see you all then!

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