We do agree that petrolheads love modifying their rides to make their rides stand out, getting glares and stares from other people hoping they’ll admire your ride. But sometimes, there are modifications that will never work. It’s like trying to be muscular like Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson when at best you can match your beer belly size with the Rock’s forearms. Or thinking you driving an Ultimate Driving Machine when you’re just driving a cheap ride with 17 inches Rims.

The images below that we gathered are a list of distasteful, failed, or phailed car modifications we gathered, and let’s start with the ones we found in Malaysia.

1. The Perodua Myvi is the most popular supermini in Malaysia and hence there’s a huge variety of bodykits available. Sadly the designer of this bodykit must have been missing his just recently towed-away BMW, so he decides to add the famous BMW kidney grills in front. With disastrous results. BMW should really sue the designer.

Introducing the new BMW….oh wait

2. Here’s another one from the Myvi. Most likely it came from a very love-struck Myvi driver. Or possibility a “queer” male. Might go well with the ladies but I believe if we ask 10 guys to drive this around and all the 10 guys will rather chop off their “gentleman’s sausage” than driving this around Kuala Lumpur.

3. There are a number of nicely modified Perodua Kelisa on the road but the one below is plainly weird.

Fancy the Mercedes K class….ehhh

4. There are some who are ignorant to believe that there’s a Lexus version for the Toyota Vios/Yaris Sedan.

Even Toyota will not approve that, facepalm!

5. There are plenty who modified the Proton Wira into a Lancer and at extreme cases, an Lancer Evolution, dubbed it as the “Wiralution”. But this chap thinks differently and he adds some “Bavarian” taste into his Wira. An Ultimate Driving Machine? More like an Ultimate Douche Machine…

Ultimate Douche Machine

6. The owner of this car must be a big Subaru STI fan but sadly rather than saving up his money to buy the proper blue rally machine, he did this to his poor Wira. Even Colin McRae will dig out from his grave when he sees this.

It’s not a Subaru, %$#&!

7. Fancy a Audi Saga, made from Ingolstadt, Germany?

This what happens when Volkswagen bought Proton!

8. This is by far one of the most unexplainable car modifications around. The usual case was we will see mainly Wajalutions or Wiralutions. In layman terms, these are your usual cheap Proton Wira or Proton Waja saloons converted into the expensive sports saloon, Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution, hence the name.

But what if you turn this around? See it for yourself in the picture below. Either the driver is a pure Malaysian patriot or plain idiot. I think the latter suits more.

It’s the Mitsubishi Waja 2!

What have you done????

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