We at Hanzo AutoBuzz are big fans of gymkhana maestro Ken Block. As recently his has been driving the Ford Fiesta for most of his events; gymkhana, rallycross, World Rally Championship (WRC) and etc. However, each events require specific vehicles that can’t be used in all events. For instance, WRC states that the car must be a 4WD and with 300BHP while this doesn’t translate power to Block in gymkhana events. Suspension settings, ECU settings, tyre settings and many more are totally different for his 3 events he’s participating.

Therefore to solve this, he needs a car that works for all 3 events, in which comes his new hybrid vehicle! Don’t let the hybrid word fool you, as Block’s antics aren’t necessary environmental friendly. So Block will be using his new Ford Fiesta, named the HFHV, or known as Hybrid Function Hoon Vehicle.

The HFHV, its a Ford Fiesta like no other!

The car is based on Ken Block’s Ford Fiesta RS WRC, powered by a 2.0cc turbo four capable of producing as much as 600 bhp and 665 pound-feet of torque. The word “customization” is what this car’s is made for. The car settings from engine mapping, suspension setup, dampers settings, gear ratios, ECU settings and so on can be configured and customized to meet the requirements of rallying, rally cross and gymkhana, all in one single car. The car is believed to be street-legal too, depending on the setup.

The HFHV in three configurations

Quoted from Ken Block himself “The H.F.H.V is awesome. It’s like a modern day Group B car, and a perfect gymkhana car and rally cross car all in one.”

To understand his car more, please watch the awesome video below. I think it’s brilliant, it’s like Jack of all traits to save Block’s hassle. But could it be a master of none? I doubt it.

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