Toyota’s most important model, the Toyota Camry, is due for replacement in 2012. With intense competition from Korean rivals like Hyundai Sonata and still fighting to win back customer support after the 2010 worldwide recall, this time Toyota is taking no chances by improving the new generation of Camry into greater heights. The image below is found from an unknown Japanese magazine believed to be leaked images.

The new 2012 Toyota Camry

The current generation of Camry, launched in 2006 and is most remembered by the massive worldwide recalls, has bold design but marred by its dull driving characteristics. This time, Toyota Chairman, Akio Toyoda, pledged to bring the new generation Camry to be more fun and rewarding to drive, and of cause, better quality and improved mileage as well.

The design for the new Camry looked more youthful, something like what the new Toyota Corolla has now. However, I feel the design is still on the safe side, compared to the revolutionary slick designs from Hyundai and Mazda. No details on the engine or transmissions used on the new Camry but expect Dual VVTI or Super CVT gearboxes to be used in this new generation of Camry. A hybrid version is also in the pipeline as well.

Anyhow, a few weeks ago, Akio Toyoda released a personal teaser video on Youtube, adding some personal touch on what we will expect on the upcoming new Camry. As this is Toyota’s trump card to win back support especially on the America market, expect the new Camry to be revolutionary, with better and powerful engines and drivetrain, improved handling, more rewarding to drive, better mileage, and finally maintaining the strong reliability. We do hope “unattended acceleration” is not included in the feature list.

Here’s the teaser video as below.

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