Our apologies for skipping the heroes and zeroes list for European GP as it turned out to be, I can only give one award, “The pillow award” for being the most boring race so far this year. Thankfully, there are plenty of actions in last week’s British GP especially in the final lap. Prancing horse fans are delighted to know that Fernando Alonso won the race, followed by Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber. Local hero Lewis Hamilton did give the British fans some cheers by defeating Felipe Massa on the dying seconds for forth place.

Ferrari victorious after last win at Korean GP in Oct 2010

So, here is our list of heroes and zeroes of the 2011 British GP!

Worst Pitstop ever: Jenson Button. As Button made his final pit stop with 12 laps remaining, the pit crew released him too early and the right front jackman did not lock the wheel nut on Button’s right wheels on time. This resulted a shameful retirement for Button as the front right tyre got loose. The team got fined €5,000 by the FIA for unsafe release of Button. Shame for Button and McLaren, what’s worse is, they did it in front of their home crowd.

Watch the video and feel sorry for Button for the pit stop furore.

Most disappointing team: Team Lotus. Showing off their new sponsors, General Electric (GE) and Caterham on their second home race, it is best to be forgotten. Both cars retired with mechanical problems, with Trulli suffering an oil leak from the engine while Kovalainen had a malfunction gearbox.

“Team rules” sh*t happens: Red Bull. On the final few laps, Mark Webber was attacking Sebastian Vettel and was close to overtaking the German until team boss Christian Horner, radioed Webber with the message “maintain your position”, in which basically asking him to back off. Webber is not happy with team orders from Red Bull protecting their golden boy Vettel.

Well Webber must not forget his contract extension with Red Bull has not been signed yet. Just recently he is reported to have a private talk with Horner regarding his actions in the race. Will we see Webber in Red Bull in 2012? Your guess is as good as mine…

As you can see, this sparks alot of angry fans in F1 discussion boards

Best overtaking: Lewis Hamilton vs Felipe Massa. The duo were battling for forth place in the final few laps of the race. Both went neck to neck as Hamilton had to go less aggressive to conserve fuel while Massa on attacking mode. Until the final corner, Hamilton prevailed and took the forth place. Well, a bitter sweet victory but what a finish for Hamilton in front of the home fans.

Man of the race: Fernando Alonso. Despite his winning is all thanks to Vettel’s flawed pitstop in the middle of the race, Alonso showed his masterclass by battling with Hamilton. Finishing flawlessly and brought the first ever win for the Scuderia Ferrari team this year. With his performance improving, expect him to challenge Hamilton, Button and Webber for second spot in driver’s championship, since Vettel should take this year’s championship easily.

Alonso really deserves to win at Silvestone

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