Here’s a hilarious news to share! Lately there has been criticism by the Chinese citizens in China, that their local government has been wasting too much money. The police force of the Chinese province of Fengchenggang in Guangxi Province, took their citizen’s criticism seriously. To avoid tax payers from noticing and complaining on the money spent on luxurious police vehicles, the Chinese Police Force re-badged their Mercedes-Benz ML350 into a Honda CR-V.

Its the Mercedes CR-V, oh wait…

For your information, the ML350 costs 900,000 Yuan (US$140k) while the CR-V costs only 1/5 of the ML350 at 200,000 Yuan (US$31K). The folks of Fengchenggang were not convinced and realized the Police “rebadged” the SUV hence exposing this embarrassing but funny discovery via the Internet, ridiculing the local government in process. At best, the police force flat out denying they have changed the car.

You dont have have to be expert to differentiate it

Just for your reference, if you can’t see the difference, perhaps the images as below might be helpful.

The current Honda CR-V

The current Mercedes ML350

[SOURCE: CarNewsChina]

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