In any form of motorsports, there’s always a rule of thumb, never mess with your own team mate. In most form of motorsports each driver will have at least one team mate, so each team will have two drivers or two cars. The team mate job is not only to ensure the team does well by scoring as many points as possible, but also to support his team mate should one is on a position to score better or win the driver’s championship.

Example of a working relationship between team mates

That is why co-operation between two drivers is important. Sadly, a driver’s ego and at times idiotcy may sometimes ruin not only his own but his own’s team mate race. Here are top three videos of ‘Never ever mess your team mates in any form of motorsports’.

No 3: WTCC. Tangled between team mates
The World Touring Car Championship (WTCC) is the premier of all Touring Car races and the blue Chervolets are pretty much dominating this year. In the race in Monza, Italy, Frenchman Yvan Muller was in third and was going to overtake his Swiss team mate Alain Menu. He tangled up with Menu’s car, causing Menu to lose control and was going to knock Muller’s car out of the track. Fortunately Muller escaped and cruised into taking second spot in the race.

For sure Menu wouldn’t be pleased with Muller, but this is touring car racing where knocking off cars is common. Well at least these guys moved on and winning almost every race in the WTCC this year, with Muller and Menu taking some wins together with their team mate, Rob Huff who is leading the driver’s standings.

No 2: Formula One.Turkish fiasco
I think this doesn’t need much introduction, as this is one of the most popular and controversial videos of Formula One in 2010 season. In Turkish GP where Webber was leading in his Red Bull car, the eager but harsh Vettel wanted to overtake Webber, resulting on Vettel colliding with Webber and brought both of them off the track, ruined both of their races. Vettel whacked his car while the furious Webber was down into third place when the McLarens of Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button take no chance and finished in 1st and 2nd respectively.

No 1:BTCC. Last lap furore
In Round Four of British Touring Car Championship’s (BTCC) econd race in Oulton Park, on the final lap two Team Honda drivers Matt Neal and Gordon Shedden were taking 1st and 2nd respectively and was closing on a 1-2 finish for Honda. Until Neal’s selfishness on thinking he should take the lead ended up both off the track and that let 3rd place Jason Plato of Chevrolet to take the win.

By the end of that video, you can see Plato celebrating while leaving poor Neal and Team Honda in total misery. On Team Honda’s view, having see their cars leading the last lap in first and second, only to be ruined no thanks to team mate stupidity, is bitter and painful to see. That is why it takes our No. 1 spot of ‘Never mess with your team mate in motorsports’.

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