Gymkhama extraordinaire Ken Block, who amazes us with a his gymkhana stunts on Youtube, has plans to test a Formula One car in August at Monza, Italy. On this stint, courtesy of F1 tyre supplier Pirelli, he will be driving the former Toyota F1 2009 car during Pirelli test on the same venue of the Italian GP in the F1 calender.

However, during his visit to Toyota’s Motorsports factory in Cologne, Germany, his plans for the F1 drive was halted after he was discovered to be too “tall” to fit into an F1 car. Although he could sit in the tight cockpit, he could not turn the steering wheel when it was fitted in. The six footer gymkhana hero is simply too tall to fit into an F1 cockpit.

Despite the setback, Pirelli has not thrown in the towel and will continue to find solutions to ensure Ken Block can drive the F1 car. Having understand the value Ken Block carries especially to the American market and since the US F1 GP will be back in 2012, this is an opportunity not to be missed by Pirelli. Perhaps they can start by asking Red Bull how to fit a six footer like Mark Webber into the Red Bull car. Height is not an issue as Mark Webber did win a few races before in F1.

The supposed 2009 Toyota F1 car

Of cause it will be lovely if Ken Block can spin the F1 car like how he does on the Fiesta Gymkhana, although I’m curious to see if Block able to bring the agility of a road car onto a F1 car. If that is true, we will definitely be posting his video here on Hanzo AutoBuzz without thinking twice!

[SOURCE: Autosport]

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