Japanese rally ace, Nobuhiro ‘Monster’ Tajima has finally conquered the Pikes Peak hill climb challenge under 10 minutes at 9:51.278 after many years of attempts to breaking the 10-minute barrier. The 60 year old Japanese with his specially modded 910BHP Suzuki SX4 Hill Climb Special attacked the twisty and dangerous mountain pass of the famous Pikes Peak course of 19.9km.

The Suzuki SX4 unlike any normal SX4

Monster Tajima has won the Pikes Peak using monstrous Suzuki cars for 11 times, but this year’s victory is the sweetest as he has reached the conquered flag below 10 minutes, an achievement he’s been trying for so many years.

Here’s the video to see how the “Monster” conquered Pikes Peak using his 910BHP Suzuki. As his car decals shows “Be a Hero”, he is already one now. Our congratulations to Tajima san on his accomplishment!

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