If you were caught in a bad traffic jam on ELITE highway especially after leaving the Sepang F1 Circuit from the Super GT race, you must have already seen this scene. According to reader and friend ericmaxman, he witnessed a BMW M5 and a Lamborghini Murchielago LP640 with premier 4509 bodykit were trailing each other on high speed after leaving the circuit towards the ELITE highway.

The white Lambo was believed to have touched the rear end of the BMW hence causing the Lambo driver to lose control and crash into the highway divider. The M5 meanwhile spun out of the highway into the green field. The Lambo suffered heavy damage on the front and left passenger side, as well as the rear end. The poor Lambo was totaled, or suffer a “Total Lost” in vehicle insurance terms. That is almost RM2 million of metal and technology gone in one painful accident.

The accident has caused a massive traffic jam up to few kilometers in the ELITE highway from Nilai heading to Putrajaya exit, when those leaving Sepang F1 Curcuit were caught in a stand still, including yours truly. The were two ambulances rushing to the scene, however we aren’t sure of the severity of the injuries but I’m sure both drivers’ ego was badly hurt. We do wish both drivers and passengers are fine.

Here are some before and after images, credits to Eric Goh aka ericmaxman who took these pictures.

The speeding white Lambo chasing the BMW M5:

That Poor BMW M5 landed into the green field. Well not so bad for the M5 driver:

Sad scene:

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