This weekend marks the Round 3 of the Super GT in Sepang F1 Circuit, Malaysia. Organized by JPM Motorsports, this year’s edition will feature GT cars from various marques such as Honda, Toyota, Nissan, Ferrari, Porsche, Lamborghini, Aston Martin and many more in 2 main categories, GT500 and GT300. With drivers from Japan, Germany, France, Brazil and even Singapore.

However, apart from its interesting and fast machines, one of Super GT’s main attractions is the GT Queens, featuring sexy beauties from the land of far east as umbrella girls/attractions to the teams. This sports is also accessible and spectator friendly to regular Joes unlike F1. For RM100 for the entire weekend at the main grand stand and witness one of the most exciting GT racing series in the world!

The good news is, we will be covering this event! Expect to see great motorsports photography and pictures of sexy GT Race Queens on our site in days to come!

Here the video for those who want to get a glimpse of the Super GT here. The following also gives a brief explanation of the 2 main categories in this series.

Some GT Race Queens taken by yours truly at last year’s event!

Regulations in GT500 are considerably looser than most GT classifications, and teams are free to change engines with other models made by the manufacturer, change the alignment of the engine, or add forced-induction systems to models which do not normally have it. However from 2010 onwards all GT500 cars run V8 engines displacing 3.4 liters. The new regulations result in cars that are possibly the fastest GT racing cars in the world. The rationale for this was to allow manufacturers to field competitive cars without having to spend large amounts of money for homologation versions of the race car’s road car counterparts (although some companies, notably Honda and Nissan, have still developed homologation specials).

The GT300 category tends to be much more varied in terms of types of cars’ participation, even though GT300 cars are much more regulated than their GT500 counterparts. This is because GT300 cars closely resemble road-going versions.

We’ll see you there!

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