It’s time for another edition of Blast from the Past! What we have here is another review from the old school Top Gear UK, and this time it’s the Perodua Nippa, also known as Perodua Kancil to Malaysians. The subcompact car was based on the Kei cars from the third generation Daihatsu Mira was launched in Malaysia in 1994. It was bought into the UK in 1997 for only 4,999 pounds a piece.

The car was sold in small numbers in UK until it was replaced by the Perodua Kelisa in 2001. Anyhow, watch this video from an episode of Top Gear in 1998, and I hope you don’t mind the poor audio quality though. You’ll be surprised to hear that this TG host, Steve Berry, reckons in 20 years time the car should be collectible in the UK. Personally I’m not sure if we can still find Perodua Nippas in good condition in the UK in 2018.

At least be thankful, the Top Gear’s resident “Orang Utan” did not review this car otherwise Jeremy Clarkson will, well we leave that to your imagination.

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