The crown jewel of the Formula One calender took place last weekend at the historical Monaco GP and it was an intense and entertaining thriller for race fans. The tight and twisty street circuit has put 2 drivers into hospital with minor injuries; first is Sergio Perez on Saturday’s horrifying crash and second Vitaly Petrov on Sunday’s race. In the end, German wunderkid Sebastian Vettel won his first ever Monaco GP, with Fernando Alonso in close second and Jenson Button in third. Three world champions, and Monaco GP winners, on the top three.

So, let’s present the heroes and zeroes of the Monaco GP!

Biggest Dissapointment: Pastor Maldonado. Qualified in eighth, and on the verge of finishing his first points in F1 in sixth place and perhaps scoring much needed 10 points for Williams in the final six laps, Hamilton overtook Maldonado by colliding into his car, forcing the poor Columbian to retire from the race. Best finishing position and 10 possible points were all gone no thanks to Hamilton reckless attitude.

Worst driver: Lewis Hamilton His aggressiveness in Monaco was not welcomed, in fact overdone. Furious during the race no thanks to his poor qualifying, he overtook Michael Schumacher and Felipe Massa aggressively, but the later was unlucky as Hamilton collided poor Massa, forcing him out of the race. Drive though penalty was given to Hamilton turned his race from bad to worse.

On the closing stages, his incident with Maldonado was clumsy and irresponsible. He may be applauded for attempting to overtake in a tight and twisty track but he did it in a very wrong way. Shame on Hamilton.

Bad Joke award: Lewis Hamilton. Unhappy after the race, Hamilton responded to the BBC reporters that the stewards’ decisions as a “frickin’ joke”, and when asked if he had an explanation for why he had received the punishments, sarcastically replied: “Maybe it’s because I’m black. That’s what Ali G says. I don’t know.” (what a frickin’ joke!)

The joke was not only unfunny but also irresponsible as it has racism themes. If you were as furious about Hamilton’s aggressive driving that caused Massa and Maldonado to retire, you will be indefinitely outraged by Hamilton immaturity.

Luckiest Driver award: Sebastian Vettel Gambled on his one stop strategy and defending his lead position from Alonso and Button until they caught up with a major traffic of back markers with 6 laps remaining. Vettel was in a disadvantage as his tyres are pretty used up while Alonso and Button were with fresher tyres due to their additional pitstop. Renault’s Petrov and Torro Rosso’s Jaime Alguersuari collided and almost involving Vettel and Alonso. The race was red flagged, prompting everyone into the starting grid. Everyone changed their tyres and Vettel got his new tyres for the remaining 6 laps and wins the race. Simply lucky escape for Vettel.

“There Can Be Only One” award: Sebastian Vettel. I guess we have already get used to seeing Vettel’s victory hand trademark for the remaining races in 2011.

Man of the race: Sebastian Vettel Apart from the lengthy first pit stop, there was seriously nothing gone wrong for Vettel. Managed to run 61 laps with a single set of tyres is like riding a unicycle while crossing a busy highway. Managed to hold off a charging prancing horse of Alonso and Button, lady luck came with the help of the safety car and red flag and then winning his first ever Monaco GP, which is perhaps one of the most difficult and sweetest victory tasted by Vettel.

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