It’s every boy’s dream to own a Hot Wheels track with the 360 degree loop and a jump platform, because I’m sure you guys have owned a piece of Mattel’s hot toy before. No, not Barbie. Then, will a life-size Hot Wheels track wet your pants? Brace yourself because your little inner child fantasy is about to come to life, because it’s the Team Hot Wheels world-record jump attempt on a 90-foot ramp. You’ve got to watch the video.

Hot Wheels constructed a giant 10-story orange ramp to break the world-record jump, in conjunction with the opening of the Indy 500 at Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Prior to the “Fearless at the 500” event, the organizer announced that there’ll be a “Yellow Driver” piloting the specially-designed truck to break the record. Upon landing, the Yellow Driver reveled himself, and yes, he’s one of the world’s top drifter and American Top Gear host Tanner Foust.

Tanner Foust did a really good job dropping off from the 10-story “giant door” to flying 332 feet through the air. He corrected the landing really well and it was a perfect jump. Smashing the world record of 269 feet by Ken Block’s Subaru teammate Travis Pastrana in 2010. Enjoy the video boys!

[SOURCE: Hot Wheels]

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