Another week, another commanding win for Sebastian Vettel as he took win no. 4 out of 5 races at the Spanish Formula One GP. Commanding 41 points lead over second placed Lewis Hamilton, it seems Vettel has become unstoppable and the Red Bull’s RB7 has become an immortal machine. Jenson Button finished third thanks to his smart strategy to preserve his tyres.

Anyhow, here is our regular feature for heroes and zeroes of the Spanish GP.

Biggest Disappointment of the week: Fernando Alonso. Started brilliantly by taking the lead in the initial stages of the race. Race strategy screwed it up for him, ended up with hard tyres which cost him to drop to fifth place. Not a good race for his home fans in Spain.

Worst team of the week: Ferrari. It is sad to see the once mighty Scuderia Ferrari struggling after six races in 2011. On Friday practice Ferrari debuted their new radical wing (image below) which was banned a day later. Alonso qualified well in forth and started superbly until his race strategy screwed up his tyre choices. Few days later, Ferrari’s technical director Aldo Costa, was sacked from the team. There’s nothing much to say about Ferrari second driver Felipe Massa, he is disposable by Ferrari.

Nations with most destroyed TV in a single week: Italy & Spain. Imagine watching your home race in TV, seeing your compatriot leading the race from forth place and was 2/3 on winning the race, only to see him struggling at the final thirds of the race, losing to fifth spot. We can understand if the Spanish and Italian fans threw their remote controls to their TV after the race ends. This could explain a possible surge of TV sales last few days in Spain and Italy.

Rookie of the week: Sergio Perez. Finally this Mexican lad has scored his first points from ninth place, a position ahead of his team mate Kamui Koyabashi. Good future awaits this young talent.

Zero to Hero award & Driver of the week: Nick Heldfeld. Burned his car due to a mechanical issue on Saturday practice which makes him unable to participate in qualifying brings him to start his race at dead last. However, he has new fresh soft tyres which he did not use at qualifying. That makes him a lot quicker and dazed in Barcelona like there’s no tomorrow. He finished in eight place by the end of the race. From a burning car, into a points finishiner, we salute Quick Nick more than Vettel.

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