Porsche is going (slightly) green, but in a very exciting way. There have been reports confirming that the next generation Porsche 911 will be fitted with KERS throughout its entire model range. Well, I reckon this will work as a distraction to stop all the complaining about how all the Porsches look the same.

KERS, Kinetic Energy Recovery System in full is what used in Formula One cars this 2011 season. It takes energy generated from braking and stores them in a battery pack. Which will be in disposal as “boost-up” acceleration with a click of a button. For further information on KERS, check out our previous post on KERS in F1, explained by Red Bull’s Mark Webber.

However, Porsche will not be storing the energy in a battery system, instead, it is meted out via a dedicated special flywheel system. To incorporate the new flywheel technology between the gearbox and engine, the next 911’s wheelbase length will be 4 inches more and vehicle length will be 2.75 inches longer.

With KERS, drivers can have the extra acceleration and at the same time improve fuel efficiency and reduce carbon dioxide emissions. Will Porsche be fitting a big red round button on the 911 steering wheel for driver to deploy the ‘boost’? Hmm…

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