Just before the second round of Asia Pacific Rally Championship takes place in Queensland, Australia this weekend, the folks from Proton Motorsports took part in a rally promotion event; where the Proton Satria Neo S2000 is fielded to race against a helicopter. This is actually the second year such competition was held in Queensland where last year, the Satria Neo S2000 won against a smaller helicopter.

This year they face a bigger and faster helicopter, the Eurocopter BK117 by AGL Action Rescue Helicopter. Australian Chris Atkinson pilots the Satria Neo S2000 in a 3-battle race on an air field.

However, (spoiler alert) the bad news is, the helicopter won the race where it narrowly beaten the Satria Neo twice out of three battles. But the good news is, it is a publicity event where it gained live TV and Radio about the AGL Rescue Chopper and the role it plays in Queensland especially during the recent devastating floods. The rescue choppers are funded by corporate sponsors as well as public donations. This event might increase the sales of Proton Satria Neo in Australia too.

Check out the race in the video below.

Rally of Queensland starts this Friday and Proton Motorsports will be fielding Chris Atkinson and Alister McRae in the rally. Also, Cusco Japan will be bringing 2 Proton Satria Neos for the 2WD Asia cup, where Malaysian rallying hero, Karamjit Singh, takes the driver seat for the second car, marking his return in APRC after many years. We wish Proton Motorsports and the Proton Satria Neo S2000 the very best of luck in this week’s rally!

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