While I was trying hard searching for videos on the recent Proton Satria Neo S2000 vs the helicopter in Australia, I suddenly stumbled upon a rare footage of a review of the 1991 Proton Saga. This Malaysian made Milo tin car was actually derived from the old Mitsubishi Lancer Fiore from the 80’s, and has spearheaded Malaysia into the automotive industry.

Proton exported a number of Proton Sagas to overseas which includes the UK. Don’t be surprised that in the UK, the Proton Saga is well received and sold in decent numbers. The British described it as cheap and cheerful motoring that is not Japanese (literally). Even more surprising, is the discovery of this video review of Proton Saga by the original BBC Top Gear series, reviewed by Chris Goffey.

Which is a good thing otherwise if it’s given to Jeremy Clarkson, the car will have a tragic ending (ie. the Perodua Kelisa in Clarkson’s Heaven and Hell DVD). Anyway, here’s the review of the classic Proton Saga by classic Top Gear.

[SOURCE: YouTube]

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