For those who still have skeptical feelings on how the Japanese can accept our Proton Satria Neo, you may wanna see this. It appears that the Japanese love the Satria Neo as much as they love sweet Japanese anime characters, so Cusco Japan has decided to make it to be an Itasha car!

Itasha (痛車) is a Japanese term for an otaku (generally used to describe Japanese anime fans) individuals decorating the bodies of their cars with fictional characters of anime, manga, or video games. These characters are predominately contains images of “cute” girls. The decorations usually involve paint schemes and stickers.

The cars are seen prominently in places such as Akihibara (Tokyo), Nipponbashi (Osaka), or Ōsu (Nagoya). Itasha has become popular in motorsports that in the past few years Itasha cars can be seen in motorsports event in Japan, like Super GT, Super Taikyu, Japan Rally Championship, and D1 Grand Prix.

I do somehow find this a very “kawaii” idea, but it might not be everyone’s taste. What say you? Watch how Cusco Japan turn the Proton Satria Neo into “Itasha” edition in the video below.

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