Last month, Nissan Brazil boldly released a commercial featuring bikini-clad models dancing and rapping about the overpriced Ford Focus. Now, Nissan Brazil returns with a new commercial with similar style but minus Ford.

It seems like, Brazilian’s best recipe to market their products and get potential buyers attention would be, scantily dressed female models and some pumped-up rap tunes. Three sexy Brazilian dancers dancing provocatively throughout the the TV ad. Enjoy the video below!

Oh, btw, it’s a commercial for the 2012 Nissan Livina 7-seater compact minivan. Nissan’s description of the ad reads as translated: “The new commercial shows giant Nissan competition treating people like ants. Only the 2012 Nissan Livina has all the space your family needs”. Well, that explains the antennas on the girls’ head.

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