Kia has won Nielson’s Automotive Ad of the Year for the second time in a row, with help from some hamsters.

In 2009, Kia did a TV commercial for its compact SUV Soul featuring hamsters for their marketing launch. That year, the Korean automaker won Nielson’s Automotive Ad of the Year. And they’ve done it again for 2010, as Kia did a some what similar ad, featuring the hamsters again, but this time, all dressed up and rapping. Rapping hamsters! How cute is that!

According to Kia, the hamsters have helped increase Soul sales witn an increase by 50.8 percent in March 2011 as compared to March 2010. The award is given out based on response information collected from 2.5 million viewers from 24 networks.

So, automakers and advertising firms out there, singing and dancing little animals can help you. Need a little reference? Check out the videos below for the award winning 2009 and 2010 automotive advertisement.

Video: Kia Soul TV Ad (2009)

Video: Kia Soul TV Ad (2010)

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