Mazda has launched a new advertising campaign in North America region. As Mazda continues its battle on regaining market share in the United States, the marketing team turns its direction to driver-focused approach, asking viewers what they drive and why they drive it. It does make you stop and think for awhile.

This new ad campaign is to portray Mazda as a automaker that designs and builds vehicles that are fun and worth driving. The chief marketing officer for Mazda North America, said in a statement that the idea of the campaign is, “we don’t build cars for everyone; we build cars for people who care about what they drive.”

Hence the voice over saying, “We believe if it’s not worth driving, it’s not worth building. We build Mazdas.” At the end of the commercial, you’ll hear Chucky a whisper “zoom zoom”, as the tag line is still being used as part of the campaign.

So? What do you drive?

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