Last weekend was the third and final round of the FXOpen Drift Series in Speed City KL, in which Ser Ming Hui, or better known as Ah Fai, took home 1st place and RM100,000 prize money. The following are image and video gallery taken during the event. Enjoy!

1. Azrina Jane with Team Goodyear in her practice run. She is the only competitive female drifter in Malaysia

2. Tengku Djan in his menacing runs. Notice the smoke run left on the trail of his 180SX.

3. Koh Kok Hoor, aka Ace Boy, in his unique Toyota Custom Mix Truck. Never underestimate this nimble and trail happy little truck!

4. Guest drifter Tony Angelo of Drift Alliance, USA, in a borrowed AE86. He was supposed to run in a borrowed Nissan Silvia S14 but he totaled it during Saturday’s practice run.

5. One of the biggest crash that week was during the Tsuiso run between Hashigutti and local drifter Along in his orange Cefiro A31. He did not brake on time prompting him to crash into the safety barriers. The car went violently out of control, almost hitting the marshals and some photographers. Fortunately, no one was injured, apart from Along’s ego.

Here’s the video of the crash, credits to HazardGraphy:

Even the crash from Tony Angelo during Saturday’s practice run was quite spectacular.

6. Ser Ming Hui, aka Ah Fai, consistently maintaining his momentum during his runs. Notice the rubber smoke from his car isn’t that far away compared to Djan’s ones.

7. Tsuiso runs between team mates from Team Goodyear

8. Tsuiso battle between Hashigutti and Tan Tat Wei of Team Goodyear.

9. Having a summer break?

10. Some pretty ladies from the exhibition booths

11. Tengku Djan in action

12. Semi final participants in their battle harden cars

13. Semi final, Tengku Djan vs Loyai of Team Goodyear

14. Finals, Tengku Djan vs Ah Fai!!!! Its the crash of the Malaysian Titans!

15. My personal favorite car in the entire competition. No drift, no life!

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