Nissan spent a minute and a half of air time promoting Ford, but in not a nice way. Brazilian Ford Motor is using Nissan Motor for airing a TV commercial rapping about the American auto maker’s over prized Focus.

In the commercial, there’s a silver Ford Focus hatchback in the background, sexy women dancing in bikinis, rappers dressed as Ford engineers, gold teeth, counting money, sipping champagne, rapping about all the money they make by overpricing the Ford Focus.

The lyrics, translated from Portuguese: “All the luxury that I got, I got it with your money. Don’t weep because you’re paying extra money — your money was well spent, look what I do with it.”

The videos ends with a 10 seconds promotion of Nissan’s cheaper Tiida (Latio hatchback), showing how much cheaper it is than the Focus. However, it is reported that this controversial commercial was withdrawn from national TV on March 3 after Ford obtained an injunction. Brazilian Ford Motor accuses Nissan’s management of ‘improper brand uses’ and ‘unfair competition’.

Well.. it’s a dawg eats dawg world y’all!

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