Last weekend’s third round of FXOpen Drift Series Malaysia championship concluded with Ser Ming Hui aka Ah Fai finally defeated top drifter Tengku Djan to emerge as champion. Held for the 1st time in Speed City Kuala Lumpur, the winner bagged a lucrative RM100,000 prize money and crowned as Malaysia’s best drifter.

The tight and tricky layout in Speed City has caused major problems to some participants. A few crashed and damaged their cars during practice runs, which includes guest drifter and Drift Alliance founder, Tony Angelo. That caused qualifying which was supposed to take place on Saturday to be postponed to Sunday. A total of 21 participants confirmed, including top local drifters and guest drifters from Drift Alliance like Tony Angelo, Belarus’s Sergey and Russian’s Evgeny Satyukov.

The impressive line-up of judges for the FXOpen Drift Series, Formula D USA’s Ryan Tuerck, and top Thailand drifter Kiki Nana.

On Sunday, qualifying resumed in the morning till late noon to find top 16 drivers. Some participants were forced to retire due to mechanical issues. The top 16 consist of top qualifier Djan, Ah Fai, Hanizam ‘Loyai’ Hamzah, Hashiguti Anderson, Koh Kok Ho (Ah Boy), Ivan Lau, Tony Angelo, Tan Tat Wei, Mervyn Nakamura, Ariff Johanis, Johan Norman, Evgeny Satukov, Fazreen Ismail (Along), Azrina Jane, Rhenadi Arinton and Michael Gan. The top 16 Tsuiso (battle between 2 cars in sudden death style) began at noon and things get electric-frying when the crowds of approximately thousands came and filled in around the track.

Just like in any motorsports, accidents do occur, in which local drifter Mohd Fazreen, also known as Along Rempit, did not brake in time, causing him to crash into the safety barriers, almost hitting the track marshals. Fortunately he escaped unhurt.

The top 4 emerged into the semi finals with Tengku Djan, Ser Ming Hui, Hashigutti Anderson and Loyai competing for the title and RM100,000 prize money. In the 1st semifinal, Tengku Djan faced Loyai from team Goodyear, and it was a pretty intense battle between the duo until a OMT (One More Time, or sudden death runs) is required. Djan won and moved into the final round. The 2nd semifinal was also another straight forward battle where Ser Ming Hui, also known as Ah Fai, beats Hashigutti and got into the finals.

The 3rd place battle in which the winner will return home with RM30,000 prize money, Hashigutti’s yellow black and red Nissan Silvia, edged Loyai’s old Nissan Cefiro. However the most anticipated battle is the finals where 2 Malaysia’s best drifters going head on to see who takes home the RM100,000 prize.

In the 1st run on the final round, when Djan was the leader and Ah Fai the chaser, the battle was intense and close between these 2 rivals, not forgetting the massive smoke from the 2 Nissan 180SX’s burning rubber. However, the winner was decided when on the 2nd run where Djan chased Ah Fai, Djan ran into trouble in the final corner causing him losing momentum from the ever smooth and persistent Ah Fai, making Ah Fai the winner!

This is his second victory over Djan in a row, the first was 4 months back in Formula Drift in KL, also his first victory in a major drift competition. This means Ah Fai will be the one to watch in this year’s Formula Drift Asia as his art of going side ways has improved dramatically, together with an increased amount of rubber smoke left as shown in his recent form.

Congratulations to Ah Fai and to all the other winners! Meanwhile, more photos and videos will be out in our next post! Stay tuned!

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