The prestigious and definitely one of the top auto shows in the world is around the corner. The Geneva Auto Show, will be kicking off in less than a week on March 1st, 2011. Car makers from all around the world are busy preparing to showcase their creations and inventions at this event.

There have been a lot of news and images on what these automakers are working on for the show. With the number of new models and concepts circulating, it does look like the automotive industry is bouncing back from the global recession.

Here are some teasers, images and news on production and concept vehicles before they go on world debut at the Geneva Auto Show.

From the image below, we can tell that Alfa Romeo has been quite secretive on their latest creation. Or maybe they have yet to finish their homework.

This is the only teaser shot of the upcoming Alfa Romeo 4C GTA concept. And what’s interesting is, it will be based on the KTM X-Bow! It will be powered by a four-cylinder TBi 1750 petrol engine tuned to deliver around 265hp. Interesting. Can’t wait to see this!

Audi will debut a concept, a sporty notchback version of its A3. The concept is a new addition to the A3 family, which currently consists of a three-door hatchback, five-door Sportback and a convertible. This particular A3 concept will have a 2.5-litre five-cylinder turbocharged engine capable of producing 408 horsepower.

Audi really seems to know what they are doing, especially in their design department. No wonder many have turned from BMW to Audi. However, it’s hard to bet on the final production car design from a concept car. To be honest, I personally do not believe in concept cars. ANYWAY.. let’s move along…

BMW sent their R&D team to the future and they came back with this. Vision ConnectedDrive roadster concept. It doesn’t just look futuristic and it even has futuristic technological innovations.

It seems that the future does not require us to have side mirrors. They replaced them with antennas! The antennas are used to transmit and gather information, capturing navigation data and assist in monitoring traffic and the environment around the car. It also has a 3-D head-up display!

Citroen DS4 is not a concept. It is a production car. The 2011 crossover will go on sale in May.

Buyers have a choice of five Euro 5 engines, two of which are HDi diesels – a 1.6-liter HDi with 110 hp and a 2.0-liter with 160 hp, both fitted with Citroen’s Diesel Particulate Filter System. The three petrol engines are VTi 1.6-liter with 120 hp, and two turbocharged mills, co-developed with BMW, that produce either 155 hp or 200 hp. All engines can be coupled to a manual gearbox or the EGS 6-speed automatic.

Ferrari will be introducing their first all-whell-drive supercar, the Ferrari FF. FF, which stands for Ferrari Four.

The four-seater will replace the 612 Scagliettiand is powered by a new 660-hp, 6.3-liter V-12 direct-injection engine. Although it’s more powerful than the 540-hp 5.75-liter Scaglietti, the FF will be greener, using 15.4l/100km of fuel with CO2 emissions of 360g/km.

…to be continued… more to come! Stay tuned!

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