Japan has one of the biggest automotive industry in the world, and it is currently shifting its preference to smaller and environmental friendly cars. Due to shrinking economy, high fuel prices, stricter restrictions on CO2 emissions and limited land, the Japanese have preference towards smaller and environmentally friendly vehicles.

That explains Toyota’s main hybrid model, the Prius, gaining the top spot on the best selling cars in Japan. In its 3rd generation, it sells over 300,000 units in Japan alone, and with good demand from overseas (including Malaysia thanks to reduced tax for hybrid cars for 2010-2011)  should bring stronger revenue to Toyota.

Small B-segment cars took 3 spots in the top ten list, which includes the Toyota Passo in which the Perodua Myvi is based from. Interestingly there are 5 mini MPVs in the list, such as the Honda Freed, Honda Stepwagon, Nissan Serena, Toyota Voxy and Nissan Note. The only C-segment car here is the evergreen Toyota Corolla.

Sadly, the new Suzuki Swift was not included in the list so as famous performance cars like the Nissan GTR, Subaru Impreza and so on. Also don’t even think of selling saloons like Honda Civic, Toyota Camry and so on in Japan. Those were mainly targeted for overseas market like in Malaysia and United States.

1. Toyota Prius 315,669 units
2. Honda Fit 185,439 units
3. Toyota Vitz (Yaris) 122,248 units
4. Toyota Corolla 111,265 units
5. Honda Freed 95,123 units
6. Toyota Passo 89,373 units
7. Honda Stepwagon 80,934 units
8. Nissan Serena 75,040 units
9. Toyota Voxy 72,163 units
10. Nisan Note 66,347 units

On the other hand, K cars continued to sell well in Japan and it is dominated by Suzuki and Daihatsu. The following are the top 3 selling K cars in Japan.

1.Suzuki Wagon R 195,105 units

2. Daihatsu Tanto 191,391 units
3. Daihatsu Move 131,859 units

[SOURCE: Japan Automobile Dealers Association (JADA)]

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