Team Lotus has been very busy for the past few weeks working on launching their new car for 2011 race. Lotus Renault T128 is the name of their horse for this year’s challenge.

Major differences from last year’s T127 and this new T128 is the change of engine, gearbox, rear wing and additional KERS system. The previous car was powered by Cosworth engine and now it’s by a Renaut engine. And the gearbox is sourced from Red Bull.

There’s also a striking feature on the car. Because of the change in the 2011 rules, a ‘blade’ roll hoop with a split air intake is used.

Team Principal, Tony Fernandes is happy with the launch and said, “There has been so much focus off-track it’s a thrill to be able to get back to talking about racing. The launch of the T128 is a big step forward for Team Lotus and I want to thank the whole team for the amount of hard work that has already gone into the car, and I want to thank Renault and Red Bull Technology for their tremendous support in helping us make this step forward and for being such great team partners.

Technical Specifications

    Engine: Renault V8 RS27-2011
    Chassis material: Carbon Fibre
    Bodywork material: Carbon Fibre
    Front Suspension: Carbon Fibre
    Rear Suspension: Carbon Fibre
    Dampers: Penske & Multimatic
    Steering: Team Lotus
    Gearbox: Red Bull Technologies
    Clutch: AP
    Discs: Carbone Industrie or Hitco
    Calipers: AP
    Pads: Carbone Industrie or Hitco
    Cooling system (radiators, heat exchangers): Team Lotus
    Cockpit instrumentation: MES
    Seat belts: Schroth
    Steering wheel: Team Lotus
    Driver’s seat: Team Lotus
    Extinguisher system: FEV
    Wheels: BBS to Team Lotus Specification
    Fuel cell: ATL
    Battery: Yuasa
    Fuel provider: Total
    Lubricants provider: Various
    Wheel base: More than 3000 mm
    Overall Length: Approx 5 metres
    Overall Height: 950mm

[SOURCE: Team Lotus]

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