Mention J’s Racing and we can picture tuned Hondas by the talents from Far East. Ranging from the Honda Jazz, S2000, the Civic Type R and so on, they gained a well respectable reputation among petrol heads. Headed by Junichi Umemoto, he has also obtained many racing experience and also a regular race driver in Japan’s Hot Version DVD series.

However the tuning world was shocked when Umemoto has been arrested on attempted murder charges. According to Asahi news report, Osaka Police alleged that Umemoto initially brushed a pedestrian with his car, and then thinking it to be serious, started to try and flee the scene. Under strange circumstances the victim, 39 year old Eiji Fujikawa, tried to stop Umemoto from leaving by jumping onto the car and holding onto the mirror.

Umemoto continued to drive approximately 100 meters with Fujikawa hanging from the mirror at which point, Fujikawa let go sustaining a fractured skull and and lands himself in the hospital in critical condition. He sadly succumbed to his injuries, prompting the police to categorized this as a possible murder case. However Umemoto insisted he has no intention of causing harm to the victim as he was scared. Currently it is unknown if Umemoto is under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Regardless, the entire Honda CR-Z Battle segment in which Umemoto and the J’s Racing CR-Z competed was removed in the most recent edition of Hot Version in Japan. Shame.


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