The Ferrari 458 GTC has been revealed last month by Ferrari. The car will replace the F430 in the Le Mans endurance series, World GT3 championship, and most recently the 458 GTC is coming to Japan circuits via the famed Super GT series.

The JIMGAINER team will field a 458 GTC as its spearhead entry in GT300 for the 2011 season. The 458 GTC will bear the number 11 and be driven by Tetsuya Tanaka and Katsuyuki Hiranaka. The two men, both ex-GT500 drivers and one of the strongest combinations in GT300, did pretty decent with the F430 this year, closing with a double win in Fuji Sprint Cup. With their new car, they expect to be able to fight for the title, a reasonable claim based on their track record. Along the 458 GTC, JIMGAINER will also enter the F430 which will receive the number 10.

The 458 Italia has a massive HP of almost 570++ but due that it is midengine layout and GT500 rules regulate that only front engine rear view drive cars are allowed to participate (which is the reason why Honda changed the NSX to HSV for 2010 GT500 campaign), this brings the 458 Italia can only participate in the GT300 class. GT300 class requires cars to be at max 300HP, hence restricting the engine to only 300HP++ is considered as disadvantage for Ferrari. However massive torque figures and good aerodynamic design should make this Italia a decent competitor in the GT300 class.


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