ZF Friedrichshafen, an renown gearbox manufacturer from Germany has developed the world’s first and only 9-speed auto gearbox. This is perhaps the most number of gears for torque converter gearboxes (aka, auto in layman terms). ZF claims that the new 9-speed auto gearbox enhances driving performance and fuel economy as well as emitting lower CO2. This also delivers extremely short response and shifting times that are below the threshold of perception.

It is also believed to be developed for a front wheel based car, which will be a Chrysler model. So if you think Lexus has gone a bit too far with 8-speed gearbox on the ISF which is a rear wheel drive based super saloon with 500HP, putting such insane gearbox on a front wheel drive and for a car company that is not well known for driving quality, things are quite skeptical to be seen. Putting it into a 300-400HP car is reasonable, but bear in mind FWD cars are ‘undriveable’ with 300HP++.

Still, anyone mad enough to go for a 10-speed autobox?

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