Its now the Detroit International Motorshow, the 1st of the many prestigious international motorshow in the world, and 2011 begins with the one at the heartland of American automotive industry and V8s, Detroit, Michigan, USA.

Our coverage starts with the anticipated 9th generation of the ever popular Honda Civic. Released in coupe and 4 door sedan variants, the 9th generation Civic will look more or less with the current 8th generation, seeing that Honda is not risking losing customers after gaining high momentum on the C segment saloons with the current 8th gen. Set to come in SI (coupe), natural gas powered GX, Hybrid and Saloon, it retains the sporty yet economical characteristic as like the previous generation Civics.

No word on the engine and transmission type so as interior pictures, but expect this similiar Civic to come to our roads by 2012 at least. We will be following the US version as Honda acknowledged Malaysians buyers prefer space and power than the JDM (Japan Domestic Model) which will be much smaller size compared to this.

As far as we know, we are excited to see how the new 9th generation Civic to shape up in the coming months!

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