Here are some leaked images of a future Honda Jazz variant called the Honda Jazz/Fit Shuttle, which is an extended version of the ever popular but expensive Honda Jazz. (FYI, the Honda Jazz is known as FIT in Japan)

This extended supermini should have 7 seats and as expected, it will be using the engine drivetrain from the 1.5 iVTEC from the current Jazz, and Hybrid version powered by the same IMA system with a 1.3 liter i-VTEC engine featured on the five-door hatchback model.

According to the Japanese media, the Jazz/Fit Shuttle will be introduced in its home market within the next few weeks with sales to start around March. No word if its coming to Malaysia but for sure it will overlap the Honda Freed, another small size MPV based on the Jazz/City platform, which also using the same engine with this one but priced at a Honda Civic 1.8 in Malaysia despite it is made in Indonesia. No wonder finding one Honda Freed on our roads is like searching for a 10 cent coin on the beach while you still have RM1 in your pocket to go to the toilet.

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