Effective 5th of January 2011, the price of 1 litre of RON97 is now at RM2.40 after it has been increased RM0.10 together with Kerosene. This marks the third increase for RON97 after the gov  has declared the price of RON97 will be based on the world crude oil pricing. By the time this article is written, the price for 1 barrel of crude oil is at USD90, slowly indicating the price for 1 barrel will reach USD100 per barrel like back in 2008.

The move according to the Malaysian gov, should not impact the rakyat (‘citizens’ in Malay language)  as RON95 can mainly be used by majority of vehicles in Malaysia. Only certain performance vehicles or vehicles with high compression ratio like the Honda Civic Type R, Suzuki Swift Sports and so on requires min RON97 to prevent engine knocking.

Being inconsiderate Malaysians who bash before thinking, I witnessed alot of bashing and disatisfaction from some Malaysians, expressed through the benefits of social media like Facebook and the comments from forums and other automotive blogs. From reactions like “I gonna ride a bicycle next time to work” to “I hate the BN gov for robbing our money” and ” I gonna vote off the gov!!!”, its the similar scenario every time there’s a price hike.

But the ironic thing is, I bet most of the cars they drive are Myvi, Saga, Persona, Vios and so on, which runs fine on RON95. You don’t need RON97 to make your Myvi feel powerful, in fact for normal city driving, the RON95 is good enough despite claims from people that RON95 is underpowered. Oh common, your Myvi engine is not built with 11:1:1 compression ratio like the Suzuki Swift Sports, so don’t expect power even when your Myvi rocks into 6000-7000rpm.

Honestly, I can’t think of any other efficient way for the Gov to reduce the population by increasing fuel prices so everyone will buy bicycles to cycle to work and get killed in the process; by crashing into the potholes or getting run over by insane bus drivers. Still not a wise one as the Gov will need billions of Ringgit to bailout insurance companies for that.

That’s not all, I believe those fellas who bash about this on Facebook updated it via their iPhones. Do I see a huge spark of iPhones in Malaysia? Yeah they are cool but they are also expensive. By calculation a 10 cent increase will bring  an additional RM4-5 per pump, so if each week you pump petrol, that will bring at max RM25 increase per month. That’s not so bad, but if you still feel like you’re coughing money for extra money for petrol and still willing to fork out RM100++ per month of installment for 2-3 years for a phone to show Steve Jobs that you are cool and hip too, that is just plain stupid.

Mind you, you can bear the fuel increase of additional RM25 per month if:

1. If you a drinker, just cut down only 1 pint of German lager for 1 month. That cost you easily RM25++ of savings

2. If you a smoker, cut down 2 packs per month, that should save you RM20 in the process

3. If you’re none of the above (congratulations!), cut down 2-3 meals of Old Town (they are expensive) or McDonald’s (their burgers are equivalent size of Gardenia bread, seriously) a month and that translates into RM30 of savings

4. If you love shopping, do shop during SALE seasons, or bargain more!

5. Fancy Starbucks coffee? Just reduce 2 cups of Latte per month or replace it with Boss canned coffee drinks from 7-11.

6. Love reading newspapers? Read it online, or better read international news websites. RM1 savings daily for 1 month means RM30 for petrol you nitwit! And better quality material to read too!

Well with the  fuel price increase, people expect the domino effect to take place as transportation cost jumps, so does the price of food. If you worry your bowl of noodles or rice jumps 10% increase at your local coffee-shops, why not just buy a decent cook book from Jamie Oliver or Chef Wan for just around RM50++ and learn to cook? Trust me, you will save more in long run, eat more delicious food than outside and for wifes who do well can expect their hubbies to come home early ;).  Also time to put an end to those overcharged teh tarik or too “manis” kopi susu; make one yourself. You will eventually exposed the trademark secret of those mamaks then.

I have not mention of political side of fuel price increase, like why our hard earned money used to pay more for petrol ended up building a 100-storey mega tower or to fund many more money wasting projects but I think i shall discuss this some other time….

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