It’s time to unrevealing the overall COTY winner. The criteria will be where the car chosen must have the combination of design, equipment, ride and handling, performance and most importantly, great value for money (hence no award for the Mercedes SLS for being out of reach!).

Here, there is one car choosen where it did shook the market by storm. Bringing back its former glory after 15 years its has been relying to pick up sales as its car market didnt do well. This particular car model, will not only brings back its glory in the passenger car segment in Malaysia but also in the US, since this model has been a great success in Europe and UK.

Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson drove this to outrun the  bad guys in the black Corvette and send the Royal Marines into the beach assault.

This car, comes with a hatchback and sedan form, is powered by a 1.6cc Ecotec engine powering with 120HP and mated with a 6 speed dual clutch gearbox system. It is unheard in this category where most of its rivals were using 4-5 speed slushboxes. Its funky and slick Kinetic design is seriously fresh and good looking on the hatchback while it will divide opinions on the sedan, which I not going further on that one.

Best of all, the way it drives. Journalist test drove it and all of them were smiling when negotiating corners as this is by far the best ride and handling supermini in the class. The handling is so good that the manufacturer decides to use this to assault the World Rally Championship for 2011 champaign. It is such a small fun car that Gymkhana specialist and youtube sensation, Ken Block, used it on his most recent video.

I haven’t reach the best part yet. In the category where the Honda Jazz killed itself with its ridiculous pricing, and the Toyota Vios/Yaris decides to be lazy on the engine/drivetrain innovation, this one, with the new 6 speed dual clutch gearbox, is priced below the earlier mention competitors. At RM82,000 for the 1.6 hatchback, it’s like we have found a pearl on a very deep and wide Pacific ocean. A shiny white pearl.

We would have award this to another magnificent contender which is the Volkswagen Polo 1.2 Turbo but it is hampered by its hefty pricing. That is why the Ford Fiesta gets the Overall COTY from Hanzo Racing!

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