2011 has arrived an a happy new year to everyone! 2010 had been a wonderful year for petrolheads with over 100 new car launches in Malaysia despite the looming economy. With that, it’s time for the editors to award the finest car’s in the market in the inaugural Hanzo Racing Car Of The Year (COTY) 2010.

We will be having 2 categories, one will be COTY performance car of 2010, and another will be COTY overall car of 2010.

2010 Car Of The Year: Performance Car

The Renault Sport Megane RS250

European hot hatches (non sedan cars that powered with at least a 200hp engine) are getting its limelight at Malaysia all thanks to the success of the Volkswagen Golf Gti and it will be wasted if Reanult didnt join the bandwagon after their success in Europe. TanChong via TC Euros did a generous job by bringing in the Renault Megane R26 back in 2009 despite the Megane was on its last production cycle. The new 2010 Megane is now shaped with curves from a couple, and clocked a very decent time on Sepang on the recent Time to Attack series against behemoths like GTRs and Evos.

FWD powered with 250 BHP 2.0cc engine and torsion beam at the back doesn’t sound convicing for performance car figures but you will be dead wrong. Renaultsports are masters of crafting fine handling cars on FWD and rear torsion beam suspension and this one is no exception. Razor sharp handling and fine power delivery makes this one of the best reviewed hot hatches in Europe.

0-100km/h in 6 seconds and top speed of 245km/h using a proper 6 speed manual gearbox, something Renault wants drivers to appreciate old school performance driving in the era where double clutches making more lazier drivers. Being a track focused car meaning it will be a pain to drive on city roads due to its hard rock suspension and very deep clutch. This is meant for track driving or for those who love driving on tarmacs outskirt KL.

All thanks to Top Gear, we have the perception that French made cars are rubbish. However this is an exception. Tired of seeing the all time ABC (Ah Beng Car), Honda Civic type R? Well for RM230,000, this might be the one! That is why this is our selection for performance car of the year.

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