The year of 2010 is approaching to the end and we have seen quite a great number of new cars launched in Malaysia despite the gloomy economy. 2011 will mark yet another interesting year for car launches worldwide, ranging from the all new Lamborghini Murcielago replacement, new Ford Focus, new Porsche 911, and many more.

To keep the context relevant to our roads (and budget, not all of us can afford supercars, sigh), we hereby to list down what supposed to be the cars we looking forward to see in 2011.

1. Proton Exora Turbo

Proton own MPV has been making waves in our roads and has been doing pretty well. The roomy 7 seater at a affordable pricing welcomes families, however it is marred by its puny and underpowered 1.6 Campro CPS engine. Thankfully Proton has gone the European way for engine development which is via turbocharging. Codename Phoenix for the time being, the new engine will have approx 150HP and improved torque figures over the original 125HP Campro CPS. Mated with Getrag’s 6 speed manual or ZF’s CVT transmission, this should improve the performance issue for the Exora. With that expect a 2.0cc engine with an fuel economy and roadtax of a 1.6cc engine. Brilliant!

2. Honda Civic 2011

The current Civic FD is still performing well on sales chart after 4 years it was launched. It’s futuristic slick design, new drivetrains and engines and great handling are one of the reasons why it is a well sought car in the market. Solid residue value as well as one of the car thief’s favourites as well.

As typically Japanese car to change model for 5-6 years for each cycle, there has been leaked images of what supposed to be the new Civic replacement, which should look slightly like the bold face of the Insight.  Details remained sketchy but expect the new Civic to be launched in Japan by 2011. We shall see this on our roads by end of 2011 or 2012.

A mule prototype of the supposed Honda Civic for Europe.

3. Hyundai Avante

The KIA Forte has been a tremendous success worldwide including in Malaysia, with its slick design, decent interior quality, good engine and drive train and well priced. Be prepared to be shocked by Hyundai when the new Avante C segment sedan is scheduled to launch at 2011, replacing the current Elantra sedan

With the new fluidic sculpture design language and powered with the combination of a new direct injected 1.6cc engine and 6 speed gearbox, this can be easily mistaken as a Honda Civic FD clone. Sime Darby has plans to bring this on 1st Quarter of 2011. With design never seen before in Korean cars and with very attractive pricing at say, below RM100k for our market, expect Toyota and Honda to have sleepless nights.

The Avante on preview by Hyundai at KLIMS

4. Perodua Myvi replacement

The Perodua Myvi has been a phenomenal success since it is launched back in 2005. The original Myvi, which is based on the Toyota Passo/Daihatsu Boon which was on sell at Japanese markets since 2004, has been replaced by its newer generations this year. By right in 2011 we shall see Perodua to replace the new Myvi with perhaps with new 1.5cc engines and roomy interiors, and maybe another long waiting list for Perodua.

However it seems the new Passo has minor difference compared to the previous generation so expect the new Myvi should look more or less. There actually a preview on the new Myvi by perodua at KLIMS 2010 earlier this month.

the teaser shown by Perodua in KLIMS

The new 2010 Toyota Passo

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