Peugeot co-developed and shares the Prince engine with BMW, those hot looking Chrysler 300Cs plying the streets of Singapore has prev-gen Benz running gear and the Beetle is a VW Golf in essence.

Same running gear with the affectionately known 'Big-Small Eyes'
Found in Minis and Peugeots

Heck, the perennial Malaysian favourite, Myvi, is sold as Toyota Passo, Daihatsu Boon/Sirion and Subaru Justy in other parts of the world, why has it never endured as much flak as Proton?

Sharing/co-developing certain models for the sake of economy is the norm in the car industry, consumers want it cheap and good, and sharing development costs is the way to go.

Sold in many guises and brands

Yes, we had our fair share of quality issues on Proton, yours truly included. Hence, Proton has taken the right decision by rebadging a Mitsubishi model that is sold across the globe, bringing the Rakyat a tried and tested world-class car that is more up to par in terms of crash worthiness, emissions and reliability. Developing a new car from ground up is going to be more costly in resources.

“But… but it looks like a Mitsubishi Lancer!”

Badge engineering is nothing new in the car industry, this post is not pro-Proton, but to discuss it in a more objective perspective, and, if looks really bother you, look the other way(!!).

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