“Hey, the elephant is a pillar,” said the 1st man who touched his leg.
“Oh, no! it is like a rope,” said the 2nd man who touched the tail.
“Oh, no! it is like a thick branch of a tree,” said the 3rd man who touched the trunk of the elephant.
“It is like a big hand fan” said the 4th man who touched the ear of the elephant.
“It is like a huge wall,” said the 5th man who touched the belly of the elephant.
“It is like a solid pipe,” said the 6th man who touched the tusk of the elephant.

While the poor pachyderm is being groped by 6 visually impaired person, a similar thing is happening in our local car scene… and mamak stalls.

“Still relying on Mitsubishi designs after more than 20 years?!”
“Why copy the exact thing, at least have a bit difference lah…”
“If the Koreans can do it, why not the Malaysians?”

And the list goes on.

What does the poor elephant has to do with this?

We shall discuss in our next posting.

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