On my final installment of the Kuala Lumpur International Model, Motor show, here is our review on what supposed to the biggest models gathering motorshow in Malaysia. KLIMS was supposed to held every 3 years in PWTC, Kuala Lumpur as it is the only convention center in this country that is able to hosts multiple big halls, and it is even bigger than KLCC convention center. The last edition was held in 2006 and it has been postponed 1 year due to the poor economic conditions.

KLIMS is just over after more than 1 week on display in KL. Here is our verdict of the event, let us start with the good ones.

1. FINALLY, a proper international motorshow
Ferraris, Maseratis, prototypes from Toyota,Mitsubishi,Lexus,  Hyundai & Perodua, new models from Nissan, Peugeot, Hyundai and Honda and so on, displayed under one roof!

International Motorshows is all about new car launches, which is tricky for the year end but we should applaud Naza’s effort to launch the new Peugeot 5008 MPV and the KIA Sorento to the Malaysian market. Naza also generously previews the KIA Optima and the Koup in their stage which is stated for 2011 launch. Hyundai also took this opportunity to launch the new Sante Fe SUV and  did preview its attractive Hyundai Avante, a C segment saloon car which is stated for 2011 launch.

2. Good participation from local players.
Proton did a very good job on showing off its concept vehicles, ranging from the 5 new Proton concept cars based on the Malay warriors (Tuah, Jebat, Kasturi, Lekir, Lekiu) The Proton Exora Range Extender electric car and Saga Electric car, and the EMAS, also known as the Lotus Citycar. Speaking about Lotus, Hethel did bought the mesmerizing new Lotus Esprit on display. Just too bad I felt the stage could be better though.

The KIA Forte lookalike Proton Tuah concept is in fact a teaser for the next Persona replacement in 2012. The Lekiu crossover based from the Exora platform is an interesting concept which might hint Proton is joining the crossover game after Nissan did well with their Dualist/Qashai crossover. The Jebat is sadly just another Mitsubishi Evo X rebatch the Proton Inspira on steroids while interestingly the Lekir is actually a rebatch from the Lotus Europa. Could be it unsold Europas to be rebatch here since the Europa didn’t really did well in UK . No price for guessing where the Kasturi comes from which made us think if Hang Kasturi is the most unfavored siblings among the 5.

Perodua did a applaudable show of display as well. Top in their list is the Perodua Bezza concept. With futuristic looks and grand display it did cause some congestion among crowds as it is the 1st booth upon entry to the 1st hall. Interestingly Perodua did display a yellow model on the back end of their booth, suggesting what supposed to be a Myvi replacement.

Unfortunately, the bad parts is going to overweight the good ones….

1. Poor staging/area
Putra World Trade Center (PWTC) has started to show it’s age and requires badly needed makeovers and upgrades especially the lighting. Naza’s stage is perhaps the most wasted of all, despite a good lineup it is hampered badly by pathetic lighting. The stage layout is cramped thus crowd control and photography is tricky as well.

2. Some marques gone MIA
No show from some marques like BMW, Mercedes, Mazda, Audi, Suzuki,Volkswagen and many more is disappointing as well. I might think this is due to Thailand Int Motorexpo which crashed with KLIMS during that week. Possibility due to limited marketing budget, some brands chooses Thailand over KLIMS. But the no show from Mercedes is puzzling since they did participated in KLIMS 2006 with a very big booth. Strangely for Volkswagen as well as despite they gaining presence with their attractive new Polo, Golf and Scirocco its a no show as well.

3. Hollywood flops
Well movie blockbusters Transformers & The Dark Knight (aka Batman) were big successes in the box office worldwide. The display of Bumblebee and Batman’s thumper as main star attraction did indicate me that this show could be a potential flop, hence resulting to Hollywood for help. Well the Bumblebee replica is alright, moreover with the showcase of the new Chevrolet Camaro all thanks to Naza.

Unfortunately what appears to be my all time superhero movie has the by far the worst display I ever see here. It is not metal but a pathetic cardboard and carbon paper replica badbatmobile looked like an oversized school”pendidikan seni” project.  It’s like you hoping to meet Michael Buble in his concert only to see its only a Michael Buble impersonator singing hokkien and prouncing his last name as “Bubble”.  Kids will looked stunned rather than excited while their parents were crying their hearts having their RM10 burned away when families taking picture with the badbatmobile.

Well here are some special awards:

Best Booth: Honda – Showcasting their latest models and their hybrid technologies with efficient. Good stage and superb lighting as well.

Honorable mention: Nissan, Toyota, Proton, Perodua

Most improved booth – Hyundai. Back then in 2006, it was handled by Kah Bintang and they showcast the pathetic Hyundai RXS with too Ah Bengish bodykits. Now they displayed the interesting Metro concept vehicle and the upcoming and beautiful looking Hyundai Avante. An example of a brand taken in good hands!

Most Disappointing booth – Naza. They have a wide variety of cars ranging from economical, SUVs, sports cars and super car but pathetic stage lighting really hurt their show.

Flatout worst display/booth – The badbatmobile. Need to say more???
Verdict: I’m afraid to say after the 4 years wait, I left the hall with a disappointed face, although I admit this is a better show compared 4 years back. Despite that, huge crowds emerged during these 1 week moreover during the weekends. I really do hope the organizers considered to make this motor show a 2 year affair rather than 3 years. But please improve the lighting for god sake…..

Hang on a second, what are motorshows are for if there is no brand ambassadors, aka sexy beautiful models!

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