If you think Honda will be bringing a new high performance VTEC machine or even a NSX replacement for KLIMS, then I must be wondering you have just returned to Earth after been kidnapped by aliens for 5 years or so. Ever since for the past 2-3 years, Honda has become a tree hugger rather than being a maestro of high decibels caused by high revving VTEC engines.

So what we see here in KLIMS, apart of the new Honda Insight which is officially the cheapest hybrid vehicle to be sold in Malaysia, is also the introduction of a new sporty but environmental hybrid car which called the Honda CRZ.

The Honda CRZ is actually a spiritual successor of the CRX model way back from the 80st. The CRZ’s design shares almost similarly with the CRX in terms on interior and exterior. Dubbed as the “sport hybrid coupe” by Honda, this is actually the only JDM sports car by Honda, as Honda just discontinued the Honda Civic Type R FD2.

Petroheads should not feel sad as the CRZ does share some similiarity with the CRX model, which is a small lightweight coupe with a small capacity engine but fun to drive. It uses a 1.5little I-VTEC engine which is actually the same engine that powers the current Honda City/Jazz. Mated together with Honda’s Integrated Motor Assist (IMA) hybrid-electric system gives a total output of 122 HP which seriously doesn’t sound much. However it is also being the 1st hybrid vehicle to offer a 6 speed manual with a CVT auto gearbox as an option. The manual option should bring more fun for the drivers.

The Honda CRZ was very well received in Japan that in the 1st month, it sold a total of 10,000 units, and it is now continue to sell well in both Japan and the United States. Seeing such response has triggered Honda’s famed tuners like Spoon and Mugen to developed their own sporty versions of the CRZ and there already plans for Honda to develop a CRZ type R by ditching off the hybrid engine and replaced with a brand new 1.6little turbocharged engine. Looks like the fun times has just rolling for Honda.

With the new Insight is doing relatively well in Malaysia, there is no wonder why Honda Malaysia should not bring in the Honda CRZ, moreover when the Government has given taxes incentives for Hybrids cars. With the CRZ is more or less with the price of the Insight in the US, maybe we can expect this small but fun little sports couple for RM100K. With its nice sexy design, economical but sporty and with attractive pricing, Honda Malaysia, what are you waiting for???

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