One of this year’s KLIMs main attraction is neither new car model, nor a prototype or even a supercar, but came from 5th generation American muscle car with yellow stripes called Chevrolet Camaro. Which is actually known as Bumblebee in the Transformer’s movie franchise.

We are not sure if the car in display is actually a real car used in the movie set or if it’s just a replica, but for sure it wont able to transform into a 50 foot robot like it is shown in KLIMs, which coincidently is also another main attraction in this show.

The Chevrolet brand in Malaysia has passed though the gloomy storm ever since due the numerous change of distributors and more recently, it is now given to Pavillion Crest, which is actually owned by Naza. We spoked with some folks from Naza, they did bought a number of 10 cars to Malaysia and at least 3 were sold to very rich Malaysians. There is no official price tag for this car since this has not been bought officially to our shores. It is left hand drive and there is yet to have one for right hand drive markets.

But sadly the main setback is although American muscle cars don’t cost as much as a Porsche Carrera, but with a ridiculous 6.2L engine, that translate into a whopping RM16,000 for annual road tax back in Malaysia! Come think of that, this is still not an issue when – 1. You are some Datuk/CEO’s son and 2. You need some wheels to show off w/o sticking to the ever common Nissan GTR or Porsche.

American muscle cars are still very rare to be seen in our roads and for sure it will attract alot of attention, provided if the driver drove into the correct lanes in our roads…….

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