It appears that the rumors of Group Lotus, aka Proton, is buying over the remaining shares of Renault in Renault F1 has came true when Group Lotus has bought all 25% shares from Renault and therefore,team Renault F1 has been renamed as Lotus Renault F1. The remaining 75% were held by Genii Group, a private investment arm who bought 75% of shares from Renault before the 2010 season.

You may think this has something to do with the current Lotus racing team owned by Air Asia’s Tony Fernandes but it is not. Tony’s team lotus and Group Lotus’s Lotus Renault has nothing to do with each other, despite team Lotus has obtained engine supplies from Renault. It is actually Team Lotus and Group Lotus are separate entities, unlike Ferrari where the car manufacturer and the F1 team are belonged under the same group.

Sounds confusing?

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