All-new Kia Picanto set for Malaysian debut on 10 January 2018

Shortly after revealing the initial specifications of the third-generation Kia Picanto, Naza Kia Malaysia (NKM) has just confirmed on their social media pages that the all-new hatchback will make its Malaysian debut on the 10th January 2018.

First presented to the public at the 2017 Malaysia Autoshow, we know that the Picanto will be equipped with projector headlamps with LED daytime running lights, front air curtains, front fog lamps, LED combination taillamps and chrome door handles. Inside you’ll find a 7.0-inch touchscreen infotainment system with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, keyless entry and reverse camera with dynamic guidelines.The safety equipment list reads six airbags, ABS, Electronic Stability Control and Hill-Start Assist. We will have to wait for the official launch for more details on performance, exterior trim lines, variant choices and most importantly, price.

Previously, NKM offered the second-gen Picanto in automatic and manual variants, both priced below RM60k. It is very likely that NKM will price the new Picanto as competitively as before. If you’re keen on having the Picanto as a potential replacement for your city commute, registration of interest for the new compact hatchback is now open.


Adrian Chia

Adrian Chia

He believes that the perfect remedy to Monday blues is a mixture of 4 wheels, clear roads and a pinch of twisty tarmac. A hot hatch is the icing on the cake.
  • Sid Razali ฏ๎๎๎๎๎๎๎

    Penantian berakhir jua, Kia dah keluarkan Picanto baru tak sabar nak tengok kat showroom dia nanti, Terbaekkk

  • Adib Khalid

    Eh, dah keluar dah Kia Picanto ni? Kalau dapat warna kuning ni mesti cantik, lain dari yang lain.

  • Izzwani

    Saya setia tunggu picanto keluar. Dah lama guna Kia memang takde masalah. Memang terbaik.

  • Fakhru Imran

    Picanto ni makin masuk generasi baru makin lawa. Safety features tip top untuk segmen A cars, mmg nak try testdrive la nanti!

  • Nabil

    Sedar-sedar picanto dah keluar. Kalau dapat warna kuning memang cantik baru nampak lain daripada yang lain.

  • Ekyn aris

    Okay nak tahu siapa yang design kereta Picanto ni memang cantik. Geram sungguh tengok memang dah lama tunggu kelur

  • Ekyn aris

    Okay nak tahu siapa yang design kereta Picanto ni memang cantik. Geram sungguh tengok memang dah lama tunggu keluar. Picanto ni ada brp colour eh? Haritu tengok teaser colour kuning je

  • S AS

    Tak sia sia tunggu lama, bila keluar memang padu design Picanto baru ni, sesuai dengan gaya orang muda

  • Izzuad

    Kia ni memang selalu datang dengan imej dan design yang berlainan dari competitor dia. Bila dah keluar Picanto ni makin buat aku tak sabar pulak nak test drive.

  • Izzati Hashim

    Tak sabar nak test drive kia Picanto baru ni, dari hujung tahun lepas lagi i tunggu. Dah sampai masanya kot untuk i tukar kereta baru. Tak sabar nak pergi showroom Kia!

  • Benz

    After a lot of teasers and rumours, this new version of Picanto with great specs and design finally launched. Good job KIA. Looking forward to drive on my own.

  • Ahmad Husni Mohd Hanif

    Wah tau tau dah keluar je Picanto baru ni kan. Tapi paling menarik perhatian warna kuning dia tu. Lain daripada yang lain. Lawa betul!

  • Aliff Hazwan

    Ok sekarang aku nak tahu, selain warna kuning Kia Picanto baru ni ada warna apa?

  • Shasha Ryzal

    Warna kuning paling mengancam sebenarya picanto ni. Tapi tulah dia tunjuk sikit2 je pulak. Tak sabarrrr nak tengok kat showroom

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