Swipe your BonusLink card at Shell petrol stations and win RM 5,000!

Shell Malaysia has recently kicked-off the Menang RM5,000 Hari-Hari contest – one that is aimed at rewarding customers’ loyalty and support for Shell fuels and use of the BonusLink card.

From 8th October 2017 to 7th January 2018, the joint promotion between Shell and BonusLink will see one customer receive a cash prize of RM 5,000 each day for swiping their BonusLink card while refueling at Shell retail stations nationwide.

Shell Malaysia Trading Sdn Bhd and Shell Timur Sdn Bhd Managing Director, Shairan Huzani Husain, said, “Customers are at the heart of everything we do, and our mission is to make life journeys better. The Menang RM 5,000 Hari-Hari contest is one way to reward our customers, and help them to end the year on a high note.”

BonusLink General Manager, Victor Goon said, “This is another exciting campaign with Shell, aimed squarely at our members to give them a chance to win cash prizes and BonusLink Points. It ties in very well with our slogan ‘Everyday’s a Bonus’ because there are daily prizes up for grabs throughout the campaign.”

To participate, customers only need to swipe their registered BonusLink Card and pump a minimum of RM 30 of petrol or diesel at Shell retail stations nationwide to be eligible for one entry. BonusLink will select one winner a day to receive the RM 5,000 cash prize. Additionally, winners of the contest will also be awarded an extra 50,000 BonusLink Points if they swipe at another BonusLink Partner within the same calendar month.

Pan Eu Jin

Pan Eu Jin

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  • Khushairy

    i don like to fuel at shll actually cause of their loyalty card like hard to collect the points… sometimes, their offline and i loss a lot of points!

    • Jucynta Issabelle

      yeahhhh but its depends on the stations.. that’s why i dont like shll… so far, i love ptrn coz rm 1 got 1 points.. petronas 1L got 1 point i think..so long to wait for redemption heheheh

      • nitrogen921

        Nup they have more than that. its more like 3points per Liter. for petronas. what redemption are you looking for? Dont mind me asking. Because i just redeem their limited shirt by using points.

      • BoyZairi

        hahahahah are u just came out from gua ahh?? hahaha its true like nitrogen21 said… but if u dun wan to wait any longer, u can use mayank credit card coz it will give u 8x points…

    • yumiso

      Bonuslink can be used at other partner shops….
      But if the point collected still very less….
      Then you can try Mesra card…Points accumulated more easier for me

  • Ong Dave

    i was using shell bonuslink for like a year ago, but still the point not even more than 1k, i feel its hard for me to collect, is there any other card easy to get more point?

    • Gelsis Steve

      hey, petronas mesra card are now most easy to get more point, it giving 3 times point per litre, so you can just fill the petrol and get more point than other card, no need worry about so less point.

    • Perak Soon

      bonuslink can apply at parkson too, not only shell station can collect

    • MariaFerry

      better change to petronas laa coz now petronas offer u the highest points than other petrol station… throw away ur bnslnk card now!! go apply to petronas mesra card.. easy to collect points if u buy things at their mart.. rm 1 = 1 point..

    • Ong Dave

      I think it’s time for me to make a switch
      But I think keeping the Bonuslink but sign up one more from Mesra
      So that I can enjoy both benefits…hoho

  • Perak Soon

    good shell, i love shell, i always support shell product, shell produce lot of product

    • nitrogen921

      produce lot of product? Can you give a better example of products that others dont have? I think this is very one sided.. but if you could explain your point. it could be helpful.

    • ammaryafik

      yeahhh agreed with u! shell is the best petrol brand ever! but i dont think that shell produce lot of product hahahaa

    • AdreenQaif

      i love to fuel at caltex! their loyalty card can collect point when im shopping at lazada, starbucks, chatime and more… coz the points i can redeem chatime, fuel or maybe the things at their mart

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